June 1

I have the right to choose my own standards of conduct, but I do not have the right or the power to impose those standards on others.

June 2

Each day is an opportunity to build a supply of positive spiritual experiences. Today I will take note of what happens when I trust my Higher Power.

June 3

I am responsible for taking the actions necessary to keep myself safe. But when my safety is not at risk, I can take time to make choices about my response. I don’t have to react instantly to provocation, and I am not obligated to justify myself to anyone. By turning to my Higher Power for protection, rather than my wits or my will, I avail myself of the best defense.

June 4

Our literature speaks of the possibility of finding contentments and even happiness through recovery in Al-Anon. Today I will take the Second Step in the process and open my mind to hope.

June 5

When I open my heart to a Power that fills me with love and acceptance, I can begin to extend those qualities to others. I may not do it perfectly or even consistently, but I can recognize my progress one day at a time.

June 6

I am a human being with strengthens and weaknesses, capable of achievements and mistakes. Because I accept this, I can look closely at myself. Today I will find something to appreciate and something to improve.

June 7

There is nothing in life that need confound me. With my Higher Power’s help, I can find the answer to any problem I face. This knowledge gives me courage to follow through with action. I need only be willing to accept the answer I receive.

June 8

Are the small, temporary pleasures I get from my defects of character are worth the price I am paying to keep them? If not, I may be entirely ready to let some of them go today.

June 9

There are many things that I can do to improve my life and to further my recovery, but I cannot heal myself. Today I can ask for help in becoming free of all that blocks me from my true self.

June 10

I will not let myself be stopped from taking Step Eight or Step Nine because I can’t do it perfectly overnight. I will let myself be where I am today, and do what I am able to do.

June 11

My Higher Power does no put any challenges before me that I am unable to face. The comfort I find in that knowledge can overcome my fears.

June 12

On this new day, let me quietly reflect and search out any negative feelings that are left over from yesterday. Old resentments will interfere with my serenity today. Perhaps it is time to let them go.

June 13

I will take time to clear my mind of unnecessary, hurried thoughts. There seems to be a limited amount of space in my mind until I do. But when I clear this clutter away, the space becomes limitless and the guidance I am truly willing to accept comes through.

June 14

It’s only natural to want to share what works for me with those I love. But when I must share it now, I may be more interested in changing others than in sharing my experience, strength, and hope. If I am insistent on carrying the message, I can work on improving the message my own example conveys.

June 15

Most of us carry more than our share of shame. I will not add to the problem by using cruel, clever words to humiliate a fellow human being. In doing so, I would be shaming myself.

June 16

I am learning the difference between help and interference. Today I will examine the way I offer support.

June 17

Today I will take a few minutes to acknowledge my growth. I am not perfect, but I certainly have made progress.

June 18

Another person’s bounty reminds me that wonderful things can happen at any time to anybody. I will appreciate the many gifts I have been given.

June 19

Blaming my discomfort on outside events can be a way to avoid facing the real cause –  my own attitudes. I can see myself as a victim, or I can accept what is happening in my life and take responsibility for my response. I may be guided to take action or to sit still, but when I listen to the guidance of my Higher Power I will no longer be the victim of my circumstances.

June 20

Today I’ll try to become more aware of alternatives that I haven’t yet recognized.

June 21

I will take time to clear my mind and focus on what is essential for today. I will release any unimportant thoughts. I will then allow myself to be guided toward the best action I can take for today. Regardless of how simple the answers may seem, I will listen without judgment. I will not take my thoughts for granted, for they may be my only guide.

June 22

What do my words communicate? Do they express what I am trying to say? Today I will listen more closely to what my words have to say.

June 23

I know that honesty is an essential part of the Twelve Steps. I am willing to be more honest with myself today.

June 24

The finest gift I can give to ensure my continued recovery is willingness. Each demonstration of willingness, each meeting attended, each Al-Anon tool used, is a mark of my success.

June 25

I am not perfect. The character defects I have carried around for so many years will not vanish instantly. But with faith and hope I can work my way through them one at a time, one day at a time.

June 26

I will not allow old resentments to drag me down any longer. I am building a better and more loving life today,

June 27

Being a Sponsor is as much a commitment to myself as it is to someone else. It is not a favor. Sponsorship gives me a chance to share intimately, to care, to practice detaching with love, and to apply the Al-Anon principles more consciously than ever. And, if I listen to my own words, I find that I usually tell those who I sponsor exactly what I myself need to hear.

June 28

No matter whether the alcoholic in my life is drunk or sober, the time to put energy into my own recovery is right now.

June 29

Today I will acknowledge that I have many positive qualities, and I will share one or two of these with a friend.

June 30

Prayer is my most personal form of communication. I can pray by consciously thinking, writing, creating, feeling, and hoping. Whether I reach deep inside myself or turn outward toward the majesty of nature, it is the spirit of prayer rather that its form that matters. Today I will let my heart speak.