what to do what your loved one goes to rehab
Everyone’s journey and recovery are different. No two addicts, alcoholics, or codependents are the same. My experience is as vastly different than the other loved one’s in Keith’s life as it is to other girlfriends of alcoholics and addicts. There are so many different factors that it is impossible to […]

What To Do When They Go To Rehab

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Self-care. You hear the term all the time. Most recently, NPR published an article about the millennial obsession with self-care, as if taking care of yourself was a bad thing. And it’s not just a Millennial thing. Self-care is well documented as being an important part of addiction recovery and […]

Learning Self-Care

what you should know before dating a recovering addict or alcoholic
When Keith went to rehab, it was the hardest day of my life, outside of the days I lost my grandparents. The man I spent every waking moment with when I wasn’t at work was going away for 30 days and for the first few days, we wouldn’t be able […]

5 Things To Know Before Dating a Recovering Addict